TOP 7 best glute exercises at home (with videos)

Doing exercises to get firm and muscular buttocks is a strong trend in the gym fitness community. So it's true that the goal is often aesthetic first.

Why not ? It's a motivation like any other...

But the most important thing is elsewhere. In fact, doing exercises on a regular basis strengthening the gluteal muscles really effective has many advantages and benefits for your physical health.

Buttocks: What are we talking about?

When we talk about the buttocks, we are referring to several very powerful muscles.

In more technical terms, we are talking about gluteal muscle.

These muscles include 3 groups:

  1. the gluteus maximus (or gluteus maximus) is the strongest muscle in the human body. It aligns the thigh with the pelvis and gives the buttocks their general shape;
  2. the gluteus medius (or gluteus medius) is largely hidden and gives a rounded appearance to the upper part of the buttock;
  3. the small gluteus (or gluteus minimus) is partly covered by the gluteus medius.

Even if they are less important, the small and medium buttocks will also contribute to the result both aesthetically and athletically.

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Why build your glutes

Gluteal Exercises - Jump Squats

This is important for 3 main reasons:

  1. Having toned glutes will allow you to improve your athletic performance (running, jumping, etc.);
  2. You will avoid what is called the sleeping butt syndrome. It is a problem due to a significant inactivity of these muscle groups which leads to pain in the back and knees;
  3. Your buttocks will necessarily be more beautiful if they are muscular and rounded only if they are completely flat.

Now let's move on to the best exercises to strengthen this muscle group and have plump buttocks.

Of course, you could include in your bodybuilding program great classics such as the Bulgarian squat, the deadlift, the sumo squat (I will probably talk about it in a dedicated article) or even the donkey kicks.

But I want to give you something easy to do right away, even if you're just starting out and don't have any equipment.

I chose for you 7 Really Effective Moves that you will achieve with or without resistance.

By incorporating the best glute exercises into your home workouts, you will quickly feel the positive effects.

TOP 7 best glute exercises without equipment

You'll get your butt back in shape in no time with these must-have exercises.

Add them to your home workout routine as soon as possible. They are easy to make, even without any equipment. And you will be surprised how quickly the changes will appear.

Come on, let's go to sculpt and shape it all thanks to the best movements to develop the buttocks quickly!

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1. Squats

In a previous article, I already explained the importance of doing squats, including women.

You will find tips on how to do squats at home with or without equipment. If you have a rubber band loop, it is even better to increase the difficulty of the series of flexions / extensions as in this video.

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This really is the basic muscle toning movement for the thighs and gluteus maximus. Everyone should do it regularly 😉

There are many variations of bodyweight squats: sumo, jumps, air squats, Bulgarians, etc. Here is a demonstration video of drop squats (I recommend you try):

The drop squat has the advantage of forcing you to abduct the hip during the descent. This movement is very good because it allows you to strengthen the gluteus medius.

How to make effective classic air squat :

  • Initial standing position, legs straight (knees not locked) and feet shoulder-width apart or slightly beyond and pointing slightly outward.
  • Squat down until the thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Push your hips back a little to feel your body weight in your heels. Keep your arms straight in front of you if possible.
  • Raise yourself to a high position while still pressing down on your heels.
  • Try to push your butt back as far as possible, while keeping your feet planted on the ground and your shoulders back throughout the exercise.

You can also consult this other video for this classic version.

Do 2 sets of 20 reps.

2. Moving half squats

Here is the demo video:

The position is exactly the same as for the previous movement.

Squat at 90 degrees as before, but only gently back and forth up and down.

Be careful, the glutes and quadriceps will burn a little!

But that's exactly what is needed. Once again, 2 sets of 20 repetitions are going to do it.

3. Jump squats

It's a bit like drop squats, but the legs don't change spacing and the main thing is to jump as high as possible. Watch this short video first:

These polyarticular exercises have the advantage of developing your explosiveness. This is very important for your tone in the glutes, but also for the calves.

You will start in the same position as the previous glute exercises. But you're going to give the strongest momentum possible when you do jumping extensions. 

Make sure you land in the same position for the next squat and keep your back straight. 

Also remember to keep the weight on the heels rather than the balls of the feet.

Do 2 sets of 8 to 12 reps.

NOTE : If you live in an apartment, think of the neighbors below 😉 

If this is a problem, consider getting a good thick gym mat.

4. Work the glutes with forward lunges

Even if it lasts 6 minutes, I invite you to watch this excellent video:

Simply apply Jeanna's advice, especially when she explains to lengthen your stride (advance the video to 1'36”). 

Indeed, your objective today is to work the anterior face, ie the hamstrings and the gluteal muscles. This is what happens when the angle of your legs is greater than 90°. 

During your front slits, do not forget to lower the back leg until the knee is on the ground. 

If you reduce your stride, you will build more muscle in the front of the thighs. Either way, by working your buttocks, you necessarily develop the quadriceps and hamstrings.

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Of course, it's not bad in itself if you also want firm and shapely legs 😉

But to solicit the buttocks in priority, favor the lengthening of the stride.

Do 2 sets of 20 repetitions (10 for each leg). 

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5. Side slits

Here's how to do this effective exercise to work the glutes and inner thighs:

A lunge is much harder than it looks. But it is important for developing small and medium glutes.

How to do side lunges:

  • Stand upright with your back straight.
  • Take a big step to the side to end up with your legs apart. The toes are pointing outward.
  • Lower the buttocks by bending only one leg while inhaling. To help you, you can touch the ankle on the side where you bend the knee with both hands.
  • Descend as low as possible.
  • Push on the supporting thigh to return to the starting position while exhaling.
  • Continue with the other side.
  • Alternate between left and right to strengthen each side.

If possible, do 2 to 3 sets of 20 repetitions (10 per leg).

6. The bridge or hip thrust

This has nothing to do with public holidays in May 🙂

The bridge, or hip thrust (also hip bridge) in English, is an effective bodybuilding exercise to work the glutes. It is also an important exercise for those who often suffer from lower back pain because it strengthens the square of the loins.

I stick to it in this demonstration video with the 2 variants:

How to make a pretty bridge:

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet planted firmly on the floor.
  • Raise your hips towards the ceiling by contracting the gluteal muscles.
  • Slowly bring your hips back to the floor without touching it.

Do 3 sets of 10 reps or more. As in the video, I recommend that you stay in position by contracting your buttocks to the maximum on the last repetition. The isometric contraction will boost your results.

The abs, ischios (back of the thighs) and lumbar are also involved.

7. The bridge on one leg

If the classic version seems too easy or if you want a little more challenge, try the hip thrust on one leg. He is number 2 in the previous video.

How to perform this exercise for the glutes: This is exactly the same starting position as the one before. However, you will extend one leg towards the ceiling while doing the bridge by leaning on the leg on the ground. You'll feel maximum effect and work every butt muscle like a beast.

Do at least 2 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions on each leg with an isometric hold on the last repetition.

The results are worth it 😅

A bodybuilding session created by a fitness pro

Recently, I discovered a complete bodybuilding program with only exercises to strengthen your buttocks at home or in the gym. It is really super effective and I take it twice a week before my series for the legs.

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You should give it a try because it's really cheap and contains the right exercises if you suffer from sleeping butt syndrome:

Buttocks program

Either way, I'm sure you'll love it too for having bulging buttocks!

Never forget that playing sports is never enough for weight loss. It is of course effective for building your buttocks, but you absolutely must learn to eat in a balanced way.

Butt Exercises: Conclusion

Here you are armed with these great tips for toning and firm the buttocks in no time.

If you want to get firm and muscular buttocks quickly, add this sequence 3 to 4 times a week in your weight training program. Once you've tried them, let me know what you think of these classic gluteal exercises.

Remember that the 3 gluteal bundles form the strongest muscle groups in the human body. They should therefore not be neglected in any exercise in your training routine.

Is there another exercise to strengthen the glutes that you like to do at home for muscle building?

Leave a message in the comments area below to talk about it. You can also ask your questions there. THANK YOU!


What exercises for the glutes?

The different forms of squats are interesting for the glutes if the weight of the body is carried on the heels. This shifts the effort from the thighs to the buttocks.

Similarly, the front lunges are very effective if they are done with a large amplitude. The knee should go beyond a right angle. As for the side slits, they make it possible to solicit more the small and medium glutes.

Done well, the bridge or hip thrust helps wake up those muscle groups that are often asleep when you sit for most of the day.

How many sessions per week for the buttocks?

In general, 2 sessions are enough to obtain results. You can go up to 3 if you want even faster results.

But you must combine your training with a suitable diet if you want to eliminate the fat that covers them too.

How to raise your buttocks?

Due to lack of stress and many hours spent in a sitting position, the buttocks tend to flatten out. To correct this, one of the best moves is the bridge or hip thrust. Remember to contract your buttocks well when you are in a high position.

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