How to find a free bodybuilding program 👌

Whether you're a woman or a man, many of you are here because you want to build muscle without breaking the bank. But sometimes, this simple objective seems mission impossible so much the information you collect on the right or on the left is contradictory.

And yet, I want to show you today that it is not so complicated.

Whether you're hitting the gym or working out at home, you don't necessarily need much.

You will see that it is enough follow 3 simple rules and a free bodybuilding program such as those you find on my blog or on the Fitadium website. But I will come back to this later.

Here are the 3 important rules for successfully building muscle…

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Rule #1: Get in the habit of moving your body

As Charles Duhigg explains in his excellent book on the power of habits, motivation is just a matter of habit, nothing more. The proof is that you probably no longer need your mom to force you to brush your teeth or take a shower (well, I hope…).

Well, know that the same is true for bodybuilding and fitness.

What do you mean ?

Well, it's not enough to tell yourself that you're going to do 3 sessions a week for it to work. No, you have to stick to it for 5 or 6 weeks for it to become a new habit. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the person.

But you have to understand the importance of setting a schedule and sticking to it, until it becomes easy for you. 

Rule #2: Find a program that suits you

Yes, it is very important to choose a workout that suits you and allows you to achieve the results you want.

For those of you who train with resistance bands, you can follow this free home workout program.

But you may need more specific training, including using your gym equipment.

In that case, take a look at the Fitadium bodybuilding programs. You are bound to find what suits you in these 23 free programs.

This site is known for the sale of equipment, clothing and food supplements dedicated to bodybuilding. 

Adapted free bodybuilding program
It exists bodybuilding program free for each type of training

Rule #3: Stick to your program

The important thing is not so much whether you have the good program, than to know if you will be regular. Am I telling you that all programs are equal?

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No, of course !

Some are better than others for gaining muscle or losing fat. I myself have a preference for certain types of workouts that I find (or think) are better than others. But this is not the most important.

Believe me, the workout that is by far the best is the one you will stick with the longest. Because if you hang on to it, then it's the one that will do you the most good...

And that's all ! 

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Free Bodybuilding Program – Conclusion

As you will have understood, what matters most is not knowing how much your training costs. No, what is important is your determination to follow it! Your commitment is essential because the best program of the world will get you nowhere if you don't follow it.

And if you have a simple bench and a pair of dumbbells, you should immediately click on the button just below. You will thus discover the program that I have developed for you. It's not quite free, but not far 😉

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