How to burn 1000 calories in 15 minutes at home

You might find it super hard to carve out time for exercise when your schedule is so packed that you barely have time to go to the bathroom.

That's why I decided to write this article that will explain how you can burn 1000 calories in 15 minutes

How are you going to get there?

So I'm not telling you that you have to burn them in a row. In fact, you could very well put in less than 3 minutes a day for five days to burn those damn calories. The important thing is to use this method to get rid of extra pounds despite a very tight schedule.

This means that if you devote 6 minutes a day to it for 5 days, you will be rid of 2000 calories, and therefore you will have eliminated more than a kilo of fat in a month. Indeed, one kilo of fat corresponds about 7000 calories.

Don't be surprised to find that all the exercises I'm going to present to you work the legs and the buttocks. These are indeed the most powerful muscle groups in your body, and therefore the most calorie-consuming.

So here are 10 exercises intense that you can do anywhere. They each have the capacity to burn around 200 calories in 3 minutes. 

10 exercises that burn 1000 calories in 15 minutes

Of course, you must realize these exercises with maximum intensity if you want to be able to consume 200 calories in less than 3 minutes.

That's why I invite you to read the article on resuming sport first if your physical and cardiac condition does not yet allow you to give yourself 100 %.

On the other hand, if you are already used to doing a little exercise, you can start while choosing a slower pace at first.

You can absolutely cut the 3 minutes into 6 different exercises for 30 seconds. It doesn't change the result.

Come on, here are the 10 exercises…

1. Jumping jacks

This is really my favorite exercise for warming up. It gets me in shape in just a few minutes.

You can do jumping jacks just about anywhere. This exercise has the advantage of getting your heart rate up and running quickly, while being fairly easy to perform.

2. Run in place with your knees raised (high knees)

This exercise is called “high knees” by the Anglo-Saxons, which means high knees. 

It's a bit like running in place, but raising your knees will engage your core. Also, arm movement will increase calorie consumption.

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Your goal should be to raise your knees as much as possible while keeping your body as straight as possible. You will realize that it is not so easy. But, anyway, you're not here to take it easy 😉 . 


3. Side jumps

Nothing too complicated in this exercise. Just jump right and left with your feet together. Imagine you have to jump over an invisible line.

4. Jump squats

There's no doubt that squats are a great leg exercise. There is almost no bodybuilding program that does not incorporate it. When it comes to burning a lot of calories, jump squats bring a definite plus.

Watch the video carefully to see the correct way to do it:

Stand with your legs a little more than shoulder width apart and your arms straight out in front of you. Then, inhale and lower until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Then, come back up as quickly as possible to jump while exhaling and releasing the arms.

When you return to the floor, lower down to the squat position and repeat.

You will notice that this movement requires a certain amount of control so that the feet find themselves in the correct position on the ground after having jumped. If you have neighbors downstairs, consider doing this exercise on a cushioning, hard-wearing mat .

Here is the best model designed in France by SquareFit (click to find out more):

SquareFit weight training mat to burn 1000 calories

5. Walked lunges

If you know what language the video is in, you can send me an email. That way, I'll say it's Croatian, but I'm not sure at all.

In any case, the movement is very well executed. You don't have to take dumbbells to do it. 

These lunges will help you develop your sense of balance while strengthening your core, quads, and glutes.

You can speed up the movement, but always make sure you're doing it correctly to avoid unnecessary stress on your knees or hips.

6. Side lunges

Let's stick with our coach (Croatian?) for this equally effective exercise to burn 1000 calories. Both are going to give you rock-solid thighs and buttocks.

Side lunges are an extremely effective exercise for strengthening your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. They also work the adductors and abductors, the inner and outer thigh muscles. 

Like walking lunges, it helps with your balance and stability.

7. Burpees

Well, I wonder if it is really necessary to present this exercise so acclaimed. In any case, it has its place here so much it can burn calories in no time. 

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I've used this awesome video before to show you different versions of burpees. If you can manage it, start directly with #3 which is actually a real burpee.

Anyway, first select the version that you are reasonably able to perform today. You can always improve on this exercise later.

8. Mountain climbers

This is one of my favorite abs exercises. I think he gives a hell of a potato.

The faster you go, the faster your heart rate will increase. Mountain climbers strengthen all the muscles of the legs, the buttocks and the abdominal strap.

9. Stepper or up and down stairs

I couldn't find a good video for this one, but it's pretty simple to understand.

You take a stepper if you don't have stairs in the house. Otherwise, any solid support 15 to 25 centimeters high will be suitable. You get on the stepper or the step and you go down immediately in reverse, alternating the supporting legs with each movement. 

In other words :

  1. Put your right foot on the step
  2. Step on the step, so the left foot joins the right
  3. Bring the right foot first to the ground and step back down
  4. Put your left foot on the step
  5. Step on the step, so the right foot joins the left
  6. Bring the left foot back to the ground first and step back down

And so on and so forth until you run out of steam 😅 

Hope you followed me...

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10. The Frog

Is it wow this exercise? Excuse me, I couldn't help it...

Froggers, as the Anglo-Saxons say, is a very good exercise for burning calories. In addition, it is accessible to most budding athletes. Be careful though, it will drain you more energy than you might think at first sight.

Just jump from a plank to a frog position so that your legs end up on the outside of your arms. Jump in the opposite direction to find the position of the plank.

This movement is basically the start of the burpee movement, as you saw in video #5. Always keep your hands on the ground and repeat the movement at a fairly rapid pace.

The necessary equipment

Since this is a home workout, you might think that nothing is needed except a ground sheet like the one you see below.

It's true that you don't need much equipment, but these exercises require 2 essential things:

  1. A timer to motivate you. For this, you just need to download Tabata Timer app for free and configure it. I really like this app.
  2. A pair of fitness shoes. No need to go broke, but still grab a pair with good cushioning, because you're going to need them after jumping a few hundred times.
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Configure your Tabata Timer app

Once you have downloaded it, you can for example choose 5 exercises in this article. Open your application and set it as follows:

  1. Program “Preparation” for 10 to 20 seconds. This is just the time to get in place before the first exercise.
  2. Set “Exercises” to 30 seconds. You will have quite motivating music during this phase.
  3. Choose a short “Rest” phase, 10 to 15 seconds maximum to set yourself up for the next exercise.
  4. At the bottom left, click on the gear to save 5. This is the number of different exercises you will do in a row.
  5. At the bottom right, click the gear in the square called Tabata and indicate how many rounds you are going to do (or try to do).
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Between each round, do not hesitate to press pause to recover a little, but try not to exceed 2 minutes of break if possible. 

That's it that's all…

If you last 5 rounds, you will have burned about 1000 calories. Be careful, it is very difficult to get there. In general, I stall at the end of the 4th round. But the important thing is elsewhere. I tell you this in conclusion.

Burn 1000 Calories – Conclusion

In truth, the important thing is not to burn so many calories at once, but to know that each time you lasted 2 and a half or 3 minutes, you consumed 200 calories. After, whether you do 2, 3, 4 or 5 rounds, the important thing is that you have a fairly clear vision of the good that it can do you.

In fact, whenever you have added 7000 calories, you got rid of a kilo of fat. And that's still quite motivating, isn't it?

The advantage is that you can combine a 3 to 6 minute session in which you burn 200 to 400 calories with a less intense weight training session.

You can also alternate 2 days of traditional bodybuilding with an ultra intense session of 5 rounds to burn 1000 calories. This session can replace your traditional legs and abs session.

Example of a 4-day program:

  • Day 1: Back/Biceps/Shoulders workout
  • Day 2: Pectorals/Triceps weight training session
  • Day 3: Legs/Abs session
  • Day 4: Rest

If your schedule allows you, you continue this program, regardless of the day of the week. Otherwise, just adjust it a bit.

Leave a message in the comments area below to share your experience or ask questions. THANK YOU!

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