Does walking 30 minutes a day make you lose weight? 🔥

If you really want to get slimmer, walking 30 minutes a day can make a difference. And no matter what, it's a great addition to your weight loss program.

You may already be working hard to reduce your calorie intake and that's fine. But it may not be not enough, and that eating even less seems beyond your strength.

let's see how 20 to 30 minute walk can help you go the extra mile without forcing it. Without forgetting all the benefits of walking which we will talk about later.

Why walking 30 minutes a day helps you lose weight

Well, the simple act of walking 30 minutes every day can make all the difference in helping you burn more calories. And that may be enough for lose a few pounds of fat additional without forcing too much.

To give you a fresh example about me, I went for a walk in the city of Lérida this morning (Lleida for the Catalans), and I burned 570 calories by taking 10,500 steps.

How do I know? I use a connected fitness watch and a free application on my smartphone (VeryFitPro).

TO KNOW MORE : Read the article for walk 10,000 steps a day without thinking about it (i.e. 6 to 8 km).

In fact, I didn't really realize I was walking that much until I checked my watch on my way back to the apartment. But it is true that I had a good walk going to the Friday market, then to the shopping street on the other side of the city, while passing to see the station. A little over 8 km in total…

If you know you have to burn around 7000 calories for lose 1 pound of fat, a simple calculation will help you realize that 12 walking sessions like the one I just did are enough to lose that extra fat. It's always a winner 😉

It should be noted that I am a rather fast walker and that affects the number of calories burned. It's up to you to adapt to your abilities and your pace, of course.

How to walk 30 minutes a day to burn calories

Easy to walk 30 minutes a day
Each step will help you burn extra calories

One thing is sure, you can increase the amount of calories burned in different ways:

  • Pick up the pace
  • Walk longer
  • Carry some weight, like a packed backpack
  • Take a steep path
  • Walk on an incline treadmill
  • Etc.

In the end, it doesn't matter whether you go for a walk at the end of the day or whether you decide to go to work, get the bread, walk the dog or take out the trash by walking down the 8 floors. Each additional step will help improve your health.

Especially if you work in a seated position all day.

Additional reasons to walk 30 minutes a day

Accelerating your weight loss is not the only benefit of a daily 20 to 30 minute walk.

According to one study carried out by the Harvard Medical School, the habit of a dynamic walk of only 20 minutes would have the following effects on your health:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease from 30%;
  • Reduced risk of becoming diabetic;
  • Reduction in certain types of cancer;
  • Reduction of blood pressure;
  • Lower LDL cholesterol, often called bad cholesterol.

The habit of walking regularly also improves your ability to concentration and the quality of your sleep, according to an article by the National Sleep Foundation (National Sleep Foundation).

How much should I walk to lose weight?

A scientific study carried out in the USA indicated that each person should have a 150 minutes of moderate physical activity minimum per week, i.e. 2.5 hours. It is therefore quite possible to get there by walking at the rate of 5 weekly outings of 30 minutes.

Of course, it is also possible to reduce the time you devote to it by increasing the intensity of the exercise, as you read above. If you go from moderate to vigorous activity by increasing your cardiac frequency, you can reduce the time you spend on it to 75 minutes a week to get the same result.

Of course, there's nothing stopping you from doing more or walking every day if you feel up to it.


Calculate calories burned while walking

The calories consumed depend on many parameters such as your weight, the distance covered, your physical condition or your walking speed.

This is why a good connected watch such as the Fitbit Charge will help you by doing the calculations for you.

Then, instead of setting yourself a precise duration, you can also proceed differently by calculating how many calories you want to burn every day without changing your eating habits. Be aware, however, that if you eat poorly, it will be very difficult (if not impossible) for you to compensate for this with physical activity, however intense it may be.

Know for example that a single all-butter croissant can make more than 400 calories (I know that's good). If you eat 2, it's at least one hour of intensive sport to eliminate them!

You must therefore take care of your diet, even if it is good to indulge yourself from time to time.

Accelerate your weight loss

Walking 20 to 30 minutes every day is an enjoyable activity that almost anyone can do. Even people who haven't exercised for a long time can get started because walking is a affordable exercise and little impact on the joints.

Moreover, it is quite easy to integrate walking into your program, including in a busy schedule. Especially if you replace some daily trips usually made by bus or car with walking.

It can simply be a question of parking your car a little further in the parking lot. Or take public transport to the next stop. Finally, you get the idea 😉

As for equipment, you don't need much, apart from a pair of walking shoes comfortable. Of course, high heels don't mix well with walking. You may have to sacrifice a bit of your style to achieve this. But the game is worth the candle.

To take more steps in your day, enter all the opportunities to walk through your day. Then take stock in the evening with your connected watch or smartphone.

Whether you decide to walk slowly or take a brisk walk, make it one of your good habits.

So, are you ready to try the experiment to burn fat and ensure good health?

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